Serve as a Senior On-Campus Leader.

The Senior Fellows Program is an opportunity for seniors who live on campus to serve in leadership roles that focus on specific University priorities. Students who serve as Fellows will receive an annual $4,500 stipend for 8 hours of work each week and have the opportunity to be mentored and developed as leaders across a variety of specific content areas. Valid U.S. employment authorization is required for the term of this appointment. The program is open to all rising seniors living on campus for the duration of the 2024-2025 academic year.

Senior Fellow roles are available through the the Family Resource Center, the Gender Relations Center, greeNDot, the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, Multicultural Student Programs and Services, Notre Dame International, the Office of Student Enrichment, Residential Life, and the Transformational Leaders Program (TLP). Learn more about each Senior Fellow role below. Applications are due by Friday, March 8.


Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides support services to married, parenting, and/or pregnant students to ensure all families thrive at Notre Dame. Through year-round educational and social programming, the FRC is dedicated to building community for Notre Dame’s married, parenting, and/or pregnant students and their families and to working with established partners throughout the University to connect these students with resources to enhance their intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual formation. The FRC Senior Fellow is involved with all aspects of the Center including planning and implementing programs, marketing, and providing support to students facing a planned or unplanned pregnancy. For more information, please contact Peggy Hnatusko.

Learn more about serving as an FRC Senior Fellow HERE.

Gender Relations Center

The Gender Relations Center (GRC) designs and implements programs about healthy relationships, gender, and sexuality consistent with the Catholic character of the University. The GRC Senior Fellows program is an opportunity for senior student leaders to engage the campus in respectful dialogue while helping to build a community that fully honors the human dignity of each person. GRC Senior Fellows will be paired with a Program Assistant to co-lead a group of student volunteers (called Firestarters) and create educational events related to our topic areas of healthy relationships, LGBTQ student initiatives, and gender equity and intersectionality. Please contact Rose Ashley with any questions.

Learn more about serving as a GRC Senior Fellow HERE


greeNDot will build a community of safety and respect where all belong, human dignity is protected, and common good is promoted through preventing harm to others. By creating awareness, teaching intervention skills, and promoting a campus environment that does not tolerate harm, greeNDot inspires a culture of care. Through empowering students, faculty, and staff to actively address problematic situations, greeNDot harnesses individual action to serve as a force for good in our world. greeNDot Senior Fellows will work collaboratively to create a culture change and support greeNDot initiatives on campus, such as bystander intervention trainings, action events, and campus outreach. Students' specific talents will be used with program planning, marketing and communications, social media, and sharing the greeNDot message with the Notre Dame campus.

Learn more about serving as a GreeNDot Senior Fellow HERE.

The McDonald Center for Student Well-Being

The McDonald Center for Student Well-Being (McWell) exists to foster a culture of well-being while empowering students to maximize their potential through the synergistic cultivation of mind and heart. Health and Wellness Fellows will work collaboratively with staff in McWell to create culture change and support well-being work on campus. Fellows will have opportunities for professional and leadership development, as well as opportunities to work collaboratively with peers, McWell staff, and campus partners to design and implement programming initiatives. 

Learn more about serving as a Health and Wellness Fellow HERE

Multicultural Student Programs and Services

Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) provides support to underrepresented students through student success initiatives, cultural enrichment programs, student organizations, and alumni outreach. MSPS Senior Fellows will work closely with staff to build programming designed to celebrate the diversity of Notre Dame and to develop skill sets among the student population so that they may actively create a welcoming campus environment for all.

Learn more about serving as an MSPS Senior Fellow HERE.

Notre Dame International

The Senior Fellows for Internationalization are a select group of students who work together as a team to bring the world to Notre Dame. They are responsible for designing a variety of innovative, interesting, engaging and fun programs, which support and promote diversity and the bringing together of cultures on our campus. Our team works with other Notre Dame International (NDI) and campus student leaders to support our international students, to promote study abroad initiatives and to encourage interaction and relationship building among the campus community. NDI aims to internationalize our campus to enhance our diversity and cultural understanding, and to enable cross-cultural programming that benefits the campus and showcases Notre Dame as a diverse and international community. The Senior Fellows for Internationalization play a tremendous role in assisting NDI to achieve these goals.

Learn more about serving as an NDI Senior Fellow HERE.

The Office of Student Enrichment

The Office of Student Enrichment (OSE) is dedicated to enriching the student experience of under-resourced Notre Dame students by informing, including, and investing in developmental programming and financial assistance for undergraduate students. OSE Senior Fellows will work to facilitate culture change by helping to bring the issues and concerns of first-generation, under-resourced, and DACA/undocumented students to the forefront of student life on campus. Specific initiatives include hall programming, workshops, and training for students, faculty, and staff. Students with an interest in work pertaining to socioeconomic status, citizenship, and access to higher education are encouraged to apply. 

Learn more about serving as an OSE Senior Fellow HERE

Residential Life

At Notre Dame, residential life is designed to form undergraduate communities that are inclusive of all members; dedicated to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of each individual; and characterized by a collective sense of care and concern for the common good and service to others. Residential Life Senior Fellows will work to serve specific tasks in their hall community in close coordination with their hall rector. Each student will be a valued resource to their rector and lead community building efforts across their halls. In each hall, this person will serve as an important educational resource and lead initiatives that are unique to each community in order to facilitate community development among the residents. Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a liaison between the hall rector and residential community for specific initiatives and community events
  • Serving as a primary programming leader while managing event planning and coordination throughout the academic year
  • Collaborating with departments outside of the hall regarding initiatives and programs in the community
  • Completing various projects as determined by the hall rector in support of the residence hall

Learn more about serving as a Residential Life Senior Fellow by contacting your Rector.

Transformational Leaders Program

The Transformational Leaders Program (TLP) is a Merit Mission scholars program serving 380 students and growing. We are a diverse community of leaders that bring individual gifts to the community while learning from one another and growing as humans. TLP Senior Fellows will serve as leaders in peer mentoring, help with academic programming throughout the year, and will meet with the Transformational Leadership Team to discuss how to best amplify and grow their individual gifts during this year-long leadership position. Please contact Tracy Nissley with any questions.