Welcome to the Notre Dame Family!

We are excited for your arrival on campus to officially begin your undergraduate experience at the University of Notre Dame! Drawing on our Holy Cross tradition, we hope the next four years will be years of growth for you in both mind and heart.

Notre Dame’s remarkable sense of community is derived from every person’s care for one another. From students, both undergraduate and graduate, to our faculty and staff members, we strive to continually cultivate a sense of connection and care for all. As the newest members of the Notre Dame family, you are expected to participate in and contribute to our community in many ways, and we in turn want to do all that we can to support your safety, your well-being, and your development.

Because your welfare and the values of our community are so important, the University has created Building Community the Notre Dame Way (BCND), a program that is part of our comprehensive prevention efforts for new students. This program covers topics such as appreciating the diverse individuals who make up our community, forming healthy relationships, being safe on and off campus, and providing information and prevention skills for high risk topics. 

Building Community the Notre Dame Way highlights how we aspire to interact with and care for one another on our campus. There are two components to BCND: online modules with assessments and small group discussion within your Moreau First Year Experience Course.

Building Community the Notre Dame Way is required for all new students, and successful and timely completion is necessary as a component of your Welcome Weekend experience. 

How to Complete BCND

The steps outlining how to complete BCND online are listed below. Please note that you will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities to complete the course.

  1. Go to http://training.360staysafe.com/Program/Login and login using your Notre Dame netID, which is the first part of your email address without "@nd.edu". For example, the email address jdomer175@nd.edu would be "jdomer175". The email you should use is the one to which your letter was sent. Otherwise, continue to the first module.

  2. Modules are designed to be completed in order - once you view a video module, you will take a 5 question assessment. If you do not answer enough of the questions correctly, you will be able to review the video again and retake the assessment. While doing the assessment, there is a button to replay the video, if needed.

  3. There are 11 modules that make up BCND. You do not have to complete the entire program in one sitting. However, you will need to complete a module's assessment successfully to be checked off on that particular topic. Some are longer than others but the average video lasts 8 minutes.

  4. Note: Some of the modules deal with difficult issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence, and discrimination. If at any time you need someone to talk to or process the information with, please feel free to contact the University Counseling Center at 574-631-7336 (confidential) or the Gender Relations Center at 574-631-9340 (non-confidential). For more information about resources, please visit titleix.nd.edu.

  5. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Lauren Donahue, Program Director for New Student Engagement (lauren.donahue@nd.edu) during normal business hours.

BCND Step 2

The second component of BCND will be a small group discussions for first year students within your Moreau First Year Experience classes and for Transfer Students during Transfer Welcome Weekend. Within these small groups, you will discuss possible situations that could be harmful to yourself and others, practice the bystander intervention strategies utilized at Notre Dame, and learn about resources that help our community be a safe and welcoming campus for all. 


Online Module Due: January 31, 2020

BCND Troubleshooting

  • If you are experiencing issues with the BCND online module, you are welcome to call or email Lauren Donahue, Program Director for New Student Engagement (lauren.donahue@nd.edu / 574.631.5550) during normal business hours.
  • For technical issues connected to University of Notre Dame systems, you are welcome to contact the OIT Help Desk

Computer Access

For information on how to utilize computer labs on campus to complete BCND, please visit OIT's Computer Lab Locations & Hours page