When you graduate from Notre Dame, you likely won’t suffer from a lack of options. 

But you might wonder how best to apply your talents and pursue your passions in the world. That’s why the Division of Student Affairs is intentional about preparing you throughout your experience to discern your future. Through the robust resources of the nationally-ranked Center for Career Development, unparalleled Campus Ministry, and team of professionals campus-wide ready to assist you, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for a meaningful professional and spiritual life.

What we mean when we talk about discernment: 

Yes, discernment can involve figuring out what career you’d like to pursue. But it’s also a process for decision-making that should take into account both your head and your heart—as well as how your talents can best be used for the greater good. 

If we’ve done our job, when you graduate you’ll be better prepared to pursue more than just  a job—you’ll be equipped to make balanced decisions about embracing your calling. You’ll be a more reflective individual with one of the most powerful tools at your disposal: the ability to assess yourself and determine what is best for you—mind, heart, body, and soul.