Supporting Victims of Sexual Assault.

Appointed annually by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention (CSAP) offers advice and guidance to the Office of Student Affairs on how to assist and support victims of sexual assault. A tri-campus committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students, CSAP spearheads assessment efforts to understand the needs of students, provides recommendations related to prevention initiatives, and facilitates collaboration and communication among the different departments and student groups working to address sexual violence at Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College, and Holy Cross College.

Members (2021-2022 Academic Year)

Name Title/Affiliation Email Address
Andrew Bartolini First Year Engineering, Notre Dame
Gail Bederman History, Notre Dame
Hunter Bivin Athletics, Notre Dame
Denise Brenes Multicultural Student Programs and Services, Notre Dame
Megan Brown McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, Notre Dame
Christine Caron Gebhardt (Co-Chair) Office of Student Affairs, Notre Dame
Mikayleigh Clark Student Government, Holy Cross College
Liz Coulston Belles Against Violence Office, Saint Mary's College
Annie Envall-Latowski Alumni Office, Notre Dame
LTC Nora Flott Tri-Military, Notre Dame
Darlene Hampton College of Arts & Letters, Notre Dame
Lane Obringer Student Government, Notre Dame
Katrina Higgins First Year Advising, Notre Dame
John Johnstin Gender Relations Center, Notre Dame
Emily Karalus Student Advisory Committee, Saint Mary's College
Leah Kicinski Residential Life, Notre Dame
Patrick Kincaid Knott Hall, Notre Dame
Carolyn Kitz Student Activities, Holy Cross College
Kristian Lax Walker College of Science, Notre Dame
Mandy Madden Miller Graduate School, Notre Dame
Frank Leni Student at Large, Notre Dame
Ted Mandell Film, Television, and Theatre, Notre Dame
Capt. Rob Martinez Notre Dame Police Department
Iesha Miller Belles Against Violence Office, Saint Mary's College
Amber Monroe Title IX, Notre Dame
Arlene Montevecchio Gender Relations Center, Notre Dame
Kate Morgan Office of Student Affairs, Notre Dame
Montgomery Odle Student Representative, Notre Dame
Marie Oliva Housing/Residential Life, Holy Cross College
Erin Oliver (Co-Chair) Office of Institutional Equity, Notre Dame
Emily Orsini Pasquerilla West, Notre Dame
Suzanne Rivas Student Representative, Saint Mary's College
Heather Ryan Office of Community Standards, Notre Dame
Valerie Staples University Counseling Center, Notre Dame
Steve Stebbins Notre Dame Police Department
Harold "Swan" Swanagan Athletics, Notre Dame
Mike Urbaniak Campus Ministry, Notre Dame
Claire VeNard Athletics, Notre Dame
Riley Walsh Student at Large, Notre Dame