Our job is to ensure both students and staff flourish here.

And we take our work seriously. From nurses to rectors to administrators, every member of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Notre Dame works together to create the best experience possible for Notre Dame students.

By combining our training and expertise and communicating openly with one another, we can create programs that enrich the campus culture and provide crucial resources to students. Most importantly, we can do so with compassion, aiding in the formation and development of our students in the Holy Cross tradition.

Staff Suggestions and Resources

Whether you’re a current or prospective staff member, you’ll find a wide range of resources at Notre Dame that support and encourage participation, leadership, and your professional development. Staff have access to a wide range of University resources, including HR Consultants and the Office of Institutional Equity. Additionally, staff are encouraged to share suggestions and concerns with both their immediate supervisors and to submit ideas and recommendations that extend beyond their departments. Learn more here

Student Affairs Resources for Networking and Development (STAR-ND)

STAR-ND provides professional development programs and networking events to Student Affairs staff ranging from examinations of student leadership to walk-in conferences to informal social gatherings. Learn more here

The Rev. John Francis "Pop" Farley, C.S.C. Award

This award honors an individual that has demonstrated distinguished service to student life at the University of Notre Dame. Full or part-time employees who have served more than five years at the University are eligible.

Holy Cross Heritage

Just as the Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to aiding in the formation and development of our students in the Holy Cross tradition, so too are we committed to enabling our staff to better understand and incorporate the University’s Catholic heritage and the charism of Holy Cross into our work. To help staff recognize the origins and inspiration behind the Congregation of Holy Cross and cultivate a broader understanding of its role in Student Affairs, the division offers ongoing staff development opportunities for reflection, discussion, formation, and exploration. Learn more here

New Kids on the Quad (NKOTQ)

NKOTQ programming offers new professionals within the Division opportunities to connect with their peers regularly over the course of the academic year. NKOTQ hopes to build relationships, increase collaboration, and share resources to address the challenges common among new staff members to the Division and University.

Please contact one of the co-chairs, Rev. Paul Doyle, C.S.C. at 631-7427 or Brian Coughlin, Associate Vice President for Student Development at coughlin.10@nd.edu, if you have any questions.