We are all Notre Dame.


You became part of this community the moment you decided to make Notre Dame your home. The University community embraces and celebrates every student who sets foot on our campus. We hope you will find respect, hospitality, and warmth in every corner of the campus community.

As a Catholic University, we believe every human being possesses the dignity of being made in God’s image, and every culture reflects God’s grandeur. Diversity at Notre Dame enriches the lives of every individual and the community as a whole.

The Division of Student Affairs is proud to support resources, programming, and initiatives that celebrate and promote our diverse community. Here are just a few.

The Vice President for Student Affairs oversees two formal student advisory committees related to Diversity and Inclusion:

Read Beloved Friends and Allies: A Pastoral Plan for the Holistic Development of of LGBTQ and Heterosexual Students at the University of Notre Dame

“We prize the uniqueness of all persons as God’s creatures. We welcome all people, regardless of color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social or economic class, and nationality, for example, precisely because of Christ’s calling to treat others as we desire to be treated. We value gay and lesbian members of this community as we value all members of this community. We condemn harassment of any kind, and University policies proscribe it. We consciously create an environment of mutual respect, hospitality and warmth in which none are strangers and all may flourish.”
-The Spirit of Inclusion, University of Notre Dame