The Ray Siegfried Award for Leadership Excellence is awarded annually to a senior at Notre Dame who exemplifies the qualities for which Notre Dame Trustee Ray Siegfried was known, including leadership, generosity, devotion to the Catholic faith, and affinity for athletics. 

Current and Past Recipients:

2022-2023: Molly Schroeder

2021-2022: Thomas Deslongchamps

2020-2021: Conal Fagan

2019-2020: Madeline Coady

2018-2019: Shannon Hendricks

2017-2018: Christopher Dethlefs

2016-2017:  Catherine Wagner

2015-2016:  Alison O'Connor

2014-2015: Megan Heeder

2013-2014: Elizabeth Tucker

2012-2013: Adam E. Zebrowski

2011-2012: Tommy Chase

2010-2011: Kayla A. Bishop

2009-2010: Michael Sayles

2008-2009: Daniel Rodgers

2007-2008: Rachel Cota

2006-2007: Maureen R. Spring

2005-2006: Daniel L. Carey