The John W. Gardner Student Leadership Award annually honors a student who exemplifies the ideals of the University through outstanding volunteer service beyond the University community.

Current and Past Recipients:

2019-2020: Tim Jacklich

2018-2019: Annelise Gill-Wiehl

2017-2018: Ngor "Majak" Anyieth

2016-2017:  Alexis Doyle

2015-2016:  Colleen McLinden

2014-2015: Christina Gutierrez

2013-2014: Keon Woo

2012-2013: Emily B. Conron

2011-2012: Hanna O'Brien

2010-2011: Gabrielle Tate

2009-2010: Vi Barbara Ho

2008-2009: Megan Rybarczyk

2007-2008: Michael McKenna

2006-2007: Michael C. Dewan

2005-2006: Peter J. Quaranto

2004-2005: Michael Poffenberger

2003-2004: Mary E. Murphy

2002-2003: Maura Kelly

2001-2002: Theresa Ferry

2000-2001: Paul Nebosky

1999-2000: Arnoldo Lacayo

1998-1999: Jamiko S. Rose

1997-1998: Andrea Ray

1996-1997: Christine M. Raslavsky

1995-1996: Habitat for Humanity, ND Chapter (Heather Hughes, Steven Rossigno, Matthew Fitzgerald, Joshua Briggs, Kathryn L. Warzon)

1994-1995: David Leonard

All recipients are listed on a large plaque in the LaFortune Student Center.