A 1970 Notre Dame graduate, Dennis K. Moore served on the founding staff of The Observer. He worked for many years in journalism and corporate relations before returning to Notre Dame to join the University’s public relations staff in 1988. From then until his death in 2003, he spoke, wrote, counseled and taught here, impressing everyone he encountered with his honesty, eloquence and kindness. He revered the truth, and he loved to speak it and hear it spoken, to write it and read it written. He regarded his work less as a profession than a vocation and believed that Notre Dame was a blessing which, like all gifts, could never be possessed but only shared. He regarded Notre Dame as his mother, and her son as his brother, and all his colleagues loved him for that.

—Michael Garvey, Assistant Director, Media Relations

Award Eligibility:

The Denny Moore Award for Excellence in Journalism will be awarded annually to a senior at Notre Dame who exemplifies the qualities for which Denny Moore was known, including personal integrity and character, commitment to Notre Dame, and writing ability. Nominations will be solicited from the Notre Dame community. Candidates may be nominated by faculty, staff, or students. Nomination forms will include a recommendation detailing the personal characteristics which makethe student a good candidate for this award, along with THREE writing samples from professional or student publications such as The Observer, Scholastic, South Bend Tribune, Notre Dame Magazine, etc.

Current and Past Recipients:

2018-2019: Juan Jose Rodriguez

2017-2018: Selena Ponio

2016-2017:  Cassidy McDonald

2015-2016:  Mary Bowers

2014-2015: Jonathan Warren

2013-2014: Julia Steiner

2012-2013: Clara L.Ritger and Megan E. Doyle

2011-2012: Sarah Mervosh

2010-2011: Erica Pepitone

2009-2010: Marques Camp

2008-2009: Christopher Hine

2007-2008: Madeleine Hanna and Michael Laskey

2006-2007: Will McAuliffe

2005-2006: Claire Heininger

2004-2005: Mike Borgia and Annie Robinson

2003-2004: Andrew Soukup