The Rev. A. Leonard Collins, C.S.C., Award annually honors a graduating senior who has expended substantial personal effort to advance the interests of students at Notre Dame.

Current and Past Recipients:

2019-2020: Eric Kim

2018-2019: Bethany Boggess

2017-2018: Xiao "Flora" Tang

2016-2017:  Jessica Pedroza

2015-2016:  Margaret Skoch

2014-2015: Juan Rangel

2013-2014: Alexander F. Coccia

2012-2013: Michael A. Mercurio

2011-2012: John Sanders

2010-2011: Nicholas Ruof

2009-2010: Ryan Brellenthin

2008-2009: Janeva Waked

2007-2008: Bridget Keating

2006-2007: Elizabeth S. Shappell

2005-2006: David M. Barron

2004-2005: Karsten Steinhaeuser

2003-2004: Keri Oxley

2002-2003: Charles (Chuck) Lamphier

2001-2002: Drew Gawrych

2000-2001: Andrea Mechenbier

1999-2000: Angela D. Anderson

1998-1999: Peter Cesaro

1997-1998: Annette Henderson

1996-1997: Erin M. Hoffmann

1995-1996: Kathryn M. Lawler

1994-1995: Karen DuBay

All recipients are listed on a large plaque in the LaFortune Student Center.