IrishCompass Launches

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame News | August 23, 2017

Notre Dame’s Alumni Association and Career Center have partnered to launch IrishCompass, the University’s official online community for professional growth and development. The platform, which was developed in response to alumni who were looking for a way to give back to the Notre Dame family, is now open to all Notre Dame alumni and students. 

“As alumni, we hear so much about the power of the Notre Dame network, and IrishCompass enables you to tap into that network,” said Dolly Duffy, executive director of the Alumni Association. “It offers multiple ways to connect with and give back to fellow members of the Notre Dame family.” 

IrishCompass offers significant mentoring opportunities. The community allows alumni to give back by serving as mentors to fellow alumni and students, sharing their insights and perspectives with those who are navigating the early stages of their careers or preparing to enter the job market. It also allows participants to find their own professional mentors. IrishCompass users can control the type and frequency of their connections by setting the number of requested 30-minute calls and the number of three to six month mentoring relationships they are comfortable with. 

In addition, IrishCompass provides multiple ways to network with Notre Dame students and alumni. The community automatically generates natural connections using an algorithm and offers flexible search fields that enable users to find and connect with fellow professionals. There are also more than 30 industry groups where participants can get answers to questions they share as part of group discussions.  

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