Do you have a friend you're concerned about?

The Care and Wellness Consultants at Notre Dame can help.

Each year, we handle referrals from faculty, staff, students, and parents about their loved ones who are struggling or distressed. We can help you to help your friends connect with the resources and services they need to get through this difficult period in their lives.

When it comes to the health and well-being of Notre Dame students, no problem or concern is too small.

Learn more about the Care and Wellness Consultants

Contact a Care and Wellness Consultant:

Beth Ferlic, Care and Wellness Consultant (Arts and Letters)
Phone: 574-631-0084

Annie Eaton, Care and Wellness Consultant (Architecture, Business, Engineering, Science)
Phone: 574-631-9317

Sarah Priebe, Care and Wellness Consultant (First Year of Studies, Graduate Schools)
Phone: 574-631-2491

Stella Miller, Care and Wellness Consultant (Law School)
Phone: 574-631-9256