Staff formation in the Catholic, Holy Cross tradition. 

Just as the Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to aiding in the formation and development of our students in the Holy Cross tradition, so too are we committed to enabling our staff to better understand and incorporate the University’s Catholic heritage and the charism of Holy Cross into our work.

To help staff recognize the origins and inspiration behind the Congregation of Holy Cross and cultivate a broader understanding of its role in Student Affairs, the division offers ongoing staff development opportunities for reflection, discussion, formation, and exploration.

Current opportunities for faith development include the following:

Heritage Blog

The Holy Cross Heritage Blog aims to provide an opportunity for Notre Dame Student Affairs professionals to engage more deeply with the charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Through  staff reflections on various elements of the Holy Cross tradition, this blog attempts to inspire, inform, and ultimately integrate the day-to-day work of Student Affairs professionals with the university's mission. 

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