The Holy Cross Heritage Pilgrimage takes a spiritual, historical, and theological journey through the life of Congregation of Holy Cross founder, Bl. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., and the origins and inspiration behind the Congregation and of the University of Notre Dame. The annual pilgrimage will be held May 28 - June 3, 2018 and will include visits to holy sites in LeMans, Chartres, and Paris. The pilgrimage is designed to bring to life a deeper understanding of Moreau, Holy Cross, and French Catholicism and is intended to cultivate a wider understanding of the Holy Cross charism within the Division of Student Affairs

Who can apply?

Any Notre Dame employee within the Division of Student Affairs may apply. Up to 15 individuals are selected for the pilgrimage each year. Exempt, non-exempt, full time, and part time permanent employees of all faith backgrounds in the Division are eligible. The hope is that the group will represent a diverse mix of employees from across the Division. 

When will the 2018 pilgrimage take place?

May 28 - June 3, 2018

Where are we going?

Pilgrims on the Holy Cross Heritage Pilgrimage can expect to visit the Cathedral of LeMans and the new Shrine of Bl. Basil Moreau, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartresthe Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, the Basilica of Sacré Cœur, Rue du Bac, Saint-Sulpice, the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne, and other significant Catholic sites of pilgrimage.

What is the cost?

Travel, lodging, and meals will be funded entirely by Student Affairs, Campus Ministry, and departments with members attending. Individuals will be expected to pay for voluntary incidental items.

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply for the 2018 pilgrimage has passed.

When will I know whether or not I'm accepted? Who is choosing the candidates? 

Candidates will be informed by the end of February, and will be ultimately chosen by the Vice President for Student Affairs, in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs senior staff and department leadership.  

What happens if I'm accepted?

Prior to departure, participants are expected to attend three preparatory meetings and make themselves familiar with the book, Basil Moreau, Essential Writings.

Following the pilgrimage, participants will present an overview of the experience to their colleagues, meet with Erin Hoffmann Harding, vice president for Student Affairs, to discuss how to better integrate the charism of Holy Cross into Student Affairs and present, alongside their pilgrimage cohorts, at a StarND conference about the 5 Pillars of Holy Cross in the fall semester.

For additional questions about the pilgrimage, application, and selection process, please contact Rev. Pete McCormick, C.S.C., at or (574) 631-8011.

*Please note that candidates who apply for the pilgrimage and do not currently have a valid passport should begin the process of acquiring one, with the knowledge that this cost will not be reimbursed. For more information for U.S. citizens, click here