Don’t miss a single thing.

Rector Pat Reidy and Student

We established the Rector Fund to ensure that every student can receive the full Notre Dame experience, regardless of his or her financial situation.

The Rector Fund can be used to cover most events or activities sponsored by the residence halls, Student Government, Student Activities, or the University. Students may also use money from the Rector Fund to cover ALL or only PART of the cost of an activity if they prefer to do so. Money can be used by students for event tickets (including JPW), ND sports tickets, retreats, seminar fees for service trips, and other similar events. If you’re not sure whether your request would fit in the parameters of the Rector Fund, ASK! Your rector can always make the request.

The money you receive will be reported to the Office of Financial Aid and included in your existing financial aid package.(Receipt of Rector Funds may adjust a student’s existing financial aid package).

The Rector Fund was created by students, for students, with the hope that no student would have to miss out on the events that make life at Notre Dame fun.


Any rector on campus or:

Ginger Chrapliwy
Officer Assistant, Office of Student Affairs